Perinton Republican Committee Membership Information

 Applying for Membership

When pursuing a Perinton Republican Committee membership we suggest that you first contact our Town Leader who can answer any questions you might have. Contact can be made via e-mail provided on the Perinton Republican Committee website. You can also choose to attend a monthly Perinton Republican Committee meeting as an observer to help determine if it is of interest to you.

If you are interested, please send a short “bio” on your background via E-mail. The Perinton Republican Committee Town Leader will review your information with our Executive Committee.

The requirements for becoming a Perinton Republican Committee member are as follows:

  • Must be a registered Republican
  • Must be a current resident in the Town of Perinton
  • Must be willing to pass petitions each June to obtain the required signatures for Republican candidates running for election that year.
  • Must pay the annual Perinton Republican Committee membership due of $10

If you meet the requirements, you would be sponsored by a Committee member and introduced to the rest of the Committee at two (2) successive monthly Committee meetings. The information from your “bio” will be shared, after the second meeting the Committee will vote as to whether or not to approve your membership which will become effective immediately if you are approved.